Painting & Decorating Services

Davis Decor Ltd provide a range of high quality painting and decorating services to Queenstown residential or commercial property owners living here or abroad. We use superior quality paint and wallpaper products suited to both usage and our unique environment.

Following is an introduction to our services and please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage to discuss your interior or exterior project requirements further.

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Spray Painting


Residential Painting

Commercial Painting

Roof Repaints

Painting and decorating the interior of your home can transform your house and add value to your property. Whether it’s a re-paint or a new build, we at Davis Decor will ensure you have a clean, bright, and modern feel in your home.

A paint or wallpaper colour consultation in Queenstown with an interior specialist is a great starting point to determine the visual flavour of your space. Davis Decor can help with aspects such as determining whether your small space needs lightning or your large space needs sectioning for example.

In Queenstown it is very important to keep the paint finish on your exterior up the scratch. Cracks can lead to water getting into your property and creating major issues. Davis Decor only uses the best products offered in the market and we will make sure your exterior is fully protected from the harsh climate.

If you are having a new house built the most economical way to paint your home is with spray paint as it saves lots of time. Davis Decor can also spray paint doors and roofs.

At Davis Decor we educate ourselves on the latest interior design trends paying particular attention to finishes that work for Queenstown and Central Otago style homes.
Wallpapering is on the rise and many modern homes now include feature walls as a low cost, simplistic but impressive point of difference.

Davis Decor specialise in wallpapers from all around the world. Why not modernise your home or office by having a few feature walls installed. By way of colour consultation, we can help you to discover the best style for your space.

Residential painting is our speciality. 70-80% of the work we do is residential work. If your house is looking tired and it needs bringing into the 21st century, give us a call! Or if you are trying to sell your house, and not having any luck, why not call us for a new paint job. FIrst impressions are everything.

Davis Decor deals with many of the landlords and property managers for commercial buildings. It is important for all of the commercial buildings in Queenstown to look presentable and be fully protected with a top quality paint system since we are based in such a large tourism town.

Davis Decor specializes in new or old roofs. Roofs tend to fade in the sun's UV rays and it's important for us to use a 3 coat painting system.